About rnquilter420

I am a registered nurse, a quilter and a medieval reenactor.

The East Responds to Her Majesty’s Sporting Challenge

The East Responds to Her Majesty's Sporting Challenge.


So I’ve Started a Blog!

Well now here goes!  I’d like to be all witty about this but I probably won’t be!  I think I’ll mostly be blogging about my sewing activities.  I would like to have a way for people to see my works in progress and see the finished products.  Most of my sewing these days is for The Society for Creative Anachronism.  That’s the medieval group I play with.  Everyone should Google that now…Go On, I’ll wait…

Now aren’t you glad you did – doesn’t it look like fun!!  Now go find your local group (we’re a worldwide organization) and send them an email and you can start playing too!  If you’re real nice, maybe I’ll help you make garb so you look good at your first event!  As I figure this blogging thing out I’ll be adding pictures and telling you all about my projects.  That’s it for now…Have a fun day!